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Mystery Migraines

There are an estimated 3 million cases of migraines that people suffer from every year. Migraines come in different varieties, some with or without auras, some related to menstruation, and some that are just unexplained. When I treat patients for migraines, they commonly will tell me that stress makes them feel worse. This sounds like an obvious fact since we know that stress typically makes everything worse, but sometimes stress can be a huge component of how the migraines are manifesting. It can be frustrating to people when they are dealing with chronic migraines that are often causing them to miss out on their lives, to have no answers or resources for help. The great aspect of acupuncture is that when I treat my patients, I am taking a comprehensive approach in treating them so they can have long term relief. The goal of treatment is to narrow down why the migraines are occurring, so that we can change that brain-body pattern to resolve them. If you are experiencing migraines and are looking for a natural way to relieve your symptoms, acupuncture could be a great option for you. If you are interested in more information of how our office can help, schedule your consultation today!


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