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Personalized Treatment Programs

Are you thinking about starting or growing your family?

Have you tried getting pregnant naturally, but are now considering intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF)?

Are you currently undergoing IUI or IVF and want support for your mind/body/spirit?

Have you suffered a miscarriage and want to help your body heal itself so you can try again?

No matter what your situation is, we are here to support your dream of a successful pregnancy with individualized medicine that adapts to each phase as you transition through your fertility-pregnancy-postpartum


The Fertility Program improves pregnancy rates by:

-Balancing hormonal cycles to aid in conception

-Regulating the menses

-Increasing blood flow to the uterus

-Increasing ovarian response function

-Strengthening the immune system

-Improving sperm count/male fertility

-Improving fertile cervical mucous

Personalized Fertility Program: Text

Why Acupuncture is Amazing for Fertility

Personalized Fertility Program: Video

 "I now recommend without hesitation that anyone going through infertility treatments consider using acupuncture."

-Shannon M. Clark, M.D.

Personalized Fertility Program: Quote
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