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"Is Aunt Britt a Scientist?!"

My Godson is 6-years-old, and one of my most favorite people. He also loves Acupuncture :). His mom was telling me the other week how he asked her, "is Aunt Britt a scientist?!", to which she replied, "sort of!". How presh is he?! Kids often have such an amazing perspective on things and I enjoyed his observation of Acupuncture. When I treat him, and many kids under the age of 10, I use stainless steel tools that do not puncture the skin, and are totally painless. Kids respond so well and often feel positive changes quickly. When I worked at Boston Medical Center in the Pediatric department, it was an incredible experience. Using Acupuncture/Acupressure to help harmonize the body and create a positive immune response is so effective for helping reduce pain and stress on the body and mind. So, am I a scientist? I guess in a way!



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